Welcome to my Testimonial section. Here you will find some testimonials from people with whom I have been privileged to work for them and share with them my professional knowledge.

Harry Scott
Certified Professional Trainer

Hi there! I’m a Certified Professional Trainer, Soon my written testimonial will be in …

Joyce Singer-D’Aprile
Proprietor of CPE – Creative Promotional Enterprise

“I am delighted to recommend Paula. She is dedicated, personable, and highly professional. She was invaluable helping me create my Blog Joyce’s Journals. Paula designed the logo and implimented every bit of the technical aspect. She consulted closely with me on the design, once I explained what I envisioned, promptly producing it to my specifications. Plus she showed infinite patience in tutoring me on how to manoever around the Blog site on my own. All in all, she did a marvelous job, going above and beyond any expectations.”

September 16, 2013, Joyce was Paula’s client

Susan Anderson
Adjunct Faculty and counseling service

“I have known Paula for some years and gladly recommend her to any company or private individual who needs help in design. Paula has professionalism and great attitude”

July 21, 2010, Susan worked directly with Paula at Torres Design – Web & Graphic

Yulia Vizel
Form Specialist, Forms Management Services at Government of Ontario

“I highly recommend Paola for employment. She is a team player and would be a great asset for any organization. I had the pleasure of working with Paola on several contract design projects. Please feel free to contact me to discuss Paolas’ talents.”

July 9, 2010, Yulia was Paula’s client

Lavina Yuan
Web Graphic Designer

“I have known Paula for many years and highly recommend Paula as a professional web graphic designer. Paula and I once worked on a packaging project together. I was so impressed by her passion, creativity, knowledge, confidence, and sense of humor. Paula has great personality and possesses many talents in art, design and photography. She would be a great asset for any project and any organization. ”

March 22, 2017, Lavina was with another company when working with Paula at Torres Design – Web & Graphic

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